1982 Scout walker vehicle

1982 Scout walker vehicle


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This vehicle is from the Star Wars The Empire Strikes Back Collection. This version of the vehicle was available in 1982.

The Scout Walker was first released in 1982 and the box had The Empire Strikes Back logo in the upper left. With Return of the Jedi being released in 1983, the logo was updated but the pictures were still based on the battle of Hoth figures and scenery. Eventually the picture was updated to look more like the battle of Endor.

It has been opened and played with for many years. The vehicle is still in overall very good condition and the stickers have held on well . The legs of the walker are in great shape and have very little bowing or bending. The side cannons also function properly with rotation and clicking noises. The top gun rotates correctly as well. The hatch to the cockpit is intact and the inside stickers are holding well.

The cockpit area for the driver is in great shape with all the stickers. As for the box, it shows some wear around the edges as can be seen in the photos.
There are no instructions in the box