silver and malachite pendant necklace

silver and malachite pendant necklace


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A sterling silver (stamped 925) and Malachite pendant on a silver chain ( stamped 925 ). A dainty oval stone with a silver halo surround.

Malachite is formed as a secondary product of the mineral copper, as the result of copper being altered by other chemicals. The large individual crystals are quite rare. Malachite is a regenerative and transformative crystal. The energy of malachite reminds us of the need to transform ill feelings, grief, and dark thoughts that might feel like they are poisoning us into light, bright and pure thoughts. In a way, it's a bit like a recycler crystal, as it reminds us to release negative experiences, even ones you may not be able to recall. It is also a crystal that promotes intuition and raises awareness of sacred information and spiritual knowledge.

Supplied in a velvet pouch